About R2317

Restaurant 2317 is encapsulated by the soldiers point marina and all the natural beauty it beholds.

Restaurant 2317 is a collaboration of Local Hospitality Industry Talents Dean, Johanna, Louise & Michael.
“We want to constantly create a bespoke dining experience using sustainably sourced seafood and a welcoming atmosphere.”

We are Dean & Joh, Mick & Louy. We are two couples. We have 7 children between us, 3 dogs & spend our days off playing golf, fishing, gardening, attempting yoga, jogging a 5k loop or kicking a footy down at the local oval.

We are engaged & active community members with strong relationships & connections embedded into our people management policies.

We are passionate about genuine connectivity & thoughtful business practices that engage with other local entities & create local economic growth.

We are passionate about the kinship that is created when ‘breaking bread’ between family, friends, colleagues or new acquaintances. We have created Restaurant 2317 with this ethos in mind.

We are proud to introduce a fine team of hospitality professionals with years of dedicated knowledge & selfless energy for this industry.

Don’t be a stranger, introduce your self & let your belt notch out a little. Restaurant 2317 is about great food, beautiful wines & wonderful company.